Our Vision

Our vision is of enduring and effective Aboriginal-led reform, which transfers power and responsibility to Aboriginal people and creates opportunity for the social, cultural and economic development of our children and families. 


    Our Values

    • Aboriginal-led - Guided by Aboriginal leadership and cultural values
    • Empowering - Building capability and facilitating choice
    • Inclusive- A collective voice for the East Kimberley
    • Neutral- Working in the interests of the whole community
    • Consistent- Fair, transparent and accountable decision making


    5 Social Norms


    Aboriginal Organisations who 'opt-in' to the Empowered Communities reform agenda in the East Kimberley commit to promoting and living up to the 5 social norms- 'walking the talk'- to create lasting change.

    • Adults who are capable of work will find employment so that they may find purpose and economic prosperity. 
    • Vulnerable people, young people and old people are cared for so that they feel secure and loved.
    • All kids go to school so that they may compete for opportunities in life.
    • No crimes are committed so that individuals and families enjoy a safe and supportive family life.
    • Tenancy obligations are met so that living conditions may improve and better housing opportunities are made available.

    This will only happen if individuals, families and communities are empowered to achieve these five social norms. Members of Empowered Communities  are committed to working together to make sure it happens. 

    Aboriginal leadership and responsibility will be the key to success in reaching this vision. 



    We asked local people what 'empowerment' means to them..